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How Can I Be a Good American Essay

You can compare the attitude towards change in the United States and other cultures. This topic is all about your personal attitude towards the US. For example, it can be the right to speak your mind, have a good education, etc. In descriptive essays, it’s the picture you convey through words. In argumentative essays, it’s the reasoning and evidence which support your point of view.

how can i be a good american essay examples

Our town is a city rich in Outdoor Recreation, Arts and Culture, and History in New Bern, NC. It is a safe, suburban community with a population of 30,000+ residents with diverse social backgrounds. Follow the Rules, and Submit the Written Essay , which must not be less than 300 words or more than 400 words. Essays and Entry Forms will be numbered the same when received, and all numbered essays are placed in an envelope and the numbered Entry Forms are placed in another envelope. The economy was doing very well and we all know what goes up must come down.

America: What Makes Us Great?

Being biracial with such an uncommon mix had its challenges growing up. I didn’t know how to reconcile the two halves of my racial identity, so I began to sort of deny them both. If storytelling is one of your strong suits, you might choose to rearrange the order in which you describe events. There are two kinds of connection that you can make with a college, program, major, etc.

how can i be a good american essay examples

For example, if you wrote down that you like American’s academic programs, try to find a specific discipline or major that American University offers. If you wrote that you enjoy the setting in Washington D.C., you could discuss a specific way AU allows students to interface with the city.

What It Means To Be An American Essay

When writing an American essay, you’re required to choose a side of the multiple viewpoints. That’s probably why so many students find writing daunting. Keeping track of all the sources both read and cited is time-consuming.

  • In short, you can say that Americanism is what makes people in the US American.
  • Tell us what you are most curious about, and how that curiosity has influenced your life thus far.
  • To be a good American means to have a chance to start a new life.
  • It is also considered the very first mass genocide in the world.

You stepped out of your comfort zone and experienced a negative outcome. Though the negative wasn’t a desired one, you learned something important about yourself or the world. You also accepted that stepping out of your comfort zone sometimes doesn’t work out, but that such uncomfortable decisions may still be worthwhile in the future. You stepped out of your comfort zone and experienced a positive outcome. This positive outcome led to some personal growth that motivates you to continue stepping out of your comfort zone more often. The lesson you learned involves taking more risks or confronting things you fear or dislike.

American Identity Essay Topics

The people of the past are very important because they were the ones who first settled in our country. They were the ones who developed a working system to make America whay it is today.

  • She also taught 50+ college-level essay and paper writing classes.
  • Abstract African-American culture has a conglomeration of variations due to the nature of it with regards to politics and history.
  • They were accepted with open arms and 80% were accepted within just a…
  • It is more than just watching fireworks on the fourth of July.

Another great aspect of the government that makes our country so great are our courts and prisons. The curts and prisons of America are very important because they provide protection from criminals. The laws of our government our great, but it’s not just the laws tat make our government what it is. Voting for instance gives Americans a chance ot express who they think should be elected. Many people look at America and think what a great country. Some of the many things that help build this country, are the very things that make America so wonderful.

What is an American?

The American Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence. This topic is one of the most popular in the history of the United States. First, you could write about a military battle with Great Britain and the reasons for it. Second, talk about political battles within the US at that period.

  • Throughout high school, she has had many conversations with her uncle, a cognitive behavioral therapist, about the staggering lack of mental health resources across the United States.
  • To get to know American life, it pays to know certain mannerisms most native-born Americans share.
  • The American University essay plays an important role in that narrative.
  • Custom-Writing.org blog is a go-to place for any student, and it doesn’t matter if it’s their first or last year of studying.

They will point out that nowhere in the world is there such a love of the family and of the home as in America. This is true, but I will confess how can i be a good american essay examples that this concerted effort to boost sentiments which are taken for granted everywhere else gives one an impression of artificiality.

Free US History Essay Topic Generator

It also shows how you’ll take advantage of the resources the school provides. The best American University supplemental essays will show specific knowledge about American University and provide strong evidence that the writer will succeed on campus. In most countries of the Old World, language creates a bond which is often invoked as a proof of national unity. The national language assumes sometimes a character of sacredness. All through the history of Europe, nations have gone to war for the right to speak and write their own language. It would seem a natural human feeling that, when a man loses the privilege of expressing himself in his mother tongue, something fundamental in him has been destroyed.

how can i be a good american essay examples

To allow a better understanding of your essay, American history can be divided into several main periods. American history essay samples often describe the colonial period, which lasted from 1607, when Jamestown was founded, to 1783, when the War of Independence ended. The second period ended with the start of the southern state’s withdrawal from the United States in 1860. Numerous samples of essays on American history tell about the third period, which marked the end of Reconstruction of the South in 1877 and new admission of the southern states to the Union. Gilded Age and Era of Progressivism ended in 1919 when World War I finished.

Being An American

Remember, you may not have enough room to address everything you want to say. Find the essential aspects of American University that make it the ideal school for you. Then, use them as the foundation of your American University supplement essay. Pay attention to how this prompt uses the word “interested.” In your American University supplement essay, you should show “demonstrated interest,” or DI.

Always remember the endless opportunities this country offers. Also, I believe that America’s value for diversity has dramatically impacted businesses significantly by contributing to the robust growth of jobs in the already set small-business community. It is true that where there are increased job opportunities, people from different walks of life benefit as there are no biases based on gender, color, or disability. In such settings, everyone is contended and hence, eliminating the issue of occupational competition. For example, the country has a software startup known as ULTRA testing that embraces the topic of neurodiversity and is currently a leading method of hiring people with autism.

An Overview of The Evolution of The American Identity

In fact, there is no question about that, but it is interesting to note that the “Thank God for the Atlantic Ocean” attitude is not as self-assured as it used to be. Doubt is creeping in very fast, and, as always happens when faith is shaken, the natural instinct is to shout even louder that the reasons to doubt are nonexistent. The first reason for this attitude towards the national language is that the American language is still in a vigorous state of creation. It offers vast possibilities before introducing a auote of development, and it has already made the kind of English which is spoken and written in England seem as dull and ineffectual as weak tea. Contemporary American writing and the forceful rhythm of good American speech are fast superseding British English. But the whole system of communication used by the Americans between themselves is still as unstable and experimental as was French in the time of Rabelais. And so the American purist has not much chance for another century or two.

Then, narrow down your list to two or three specific areas of interest to discuss in detail. Because you only have 150 words in this American University supplement essay, you likely can’t mention every item on your list and stay within the word limit. So, instead of listing everything that interests you in your “Why American University essay,” focus on the most significant items. Although this significance can be subjective, you should likely discuss the programs and offerings that will most influence your choice to attend. You might be familiar with “Why School essays” from other supplements.

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